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Ayahuasca Amazon Riverside Retreat Center

We strive to bring to many an alternative method of mental, spiritual, and physical healing. Use the navigation above to check our retreat schedule and reserve your place in our center.

Government recognized center

Our organization is fully recognized by the Peruvian government, we operate in compliance with all government regulations. 

City office

Our travel & tourism center in the city is dedicated to setting up your transportation and touring of the areas you wish to visit. You will have a guide from the moment you land until the moment you leave the airport in Iquitos. From our office we can also set up your flights and if you fly a few days earlier, we will set up & pay for your hotel stay! 

Retreat center

A unique location was chosen by the shamans to create the ideal environment for your Ayahuasca retreat experience. Our retreat is located in the amazon jungle overlooking the amazon river, about 40 Km from the city of Iquitos. 

Experienced shamans 

With over 40 years of combined experience in ayahuasca treatment, our shamans have safely and successfully hosted hundreds of groups for ayahuasca ceremonies.  

Alternative therapies 

Along with ayahuasca, you will also have the opportunity to take different traditional psychedelic therapeutics, such as Echinopsis Pachanoi. 

Clearance by clinicians

For your safety, our contracted licensed clinicians are available nearby to assist our members and to provide checkups & clearance for elderly and individuals who may have heart disease and other health risk factors. 

Organization Leaders

Our master shaman Wilma and our retreat organizer Weyder will be your main contacts during your time in Peru. Weyder will be there for all your activities within and outside the retreat, and Wilma will lead your ayahuasca healing process.

Wilma Vasquez Ochavano

Our master shaman. Wilma is from the Shipibos tribe, a community that is reputable for its knowledge in traditional medicine healing. The aboriginal tribe is located within the Amazon, about a 200 miles east from the city of Pucallpa, Peru. Born into a family of shamans, Wilma has over 30 years of experience administering sacred medicine, making her our most experienced member. 

Weyder Yumbato

Weyder has over 12 years of experience operating Ayahuasca ceremonies and leading Amazon jungle guides for groups coming to Peru. Weyder was born in a village called Yurimaguas, home to many naturally grown Ayahuasca vines and located in the Amazon, about 100 miles east of the city of Iquitos. Weyder joined with the Shipibos tribe for this healing center because of the connection that exists among their members and their deep rooted knowledge of the plant medicine.