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Ayahuasca Talk

Below are some accurate descriptions of the benefits of ayahuasca and psychedelic treatments that helped increase their popularity in North America and Europe.
Perhaps the best TED TALK on Ayahuasca. The benefits of this therapy, and the consequences of the modern philosophy of healing and our lack of connection to nature are highlighted in the talk below by Graham Hancock. 
Not specific to Ayahuasca, but this talk below displays the general effects shared by many psychedelics in increasing neural connections.
This is a very informative talk highlighting the power of accessing areas of our midbrain that have been left unutilized due to the stresses of our modern living environments. Those areas are accessed by experienced meditators, but for many ayahuasca is the key shortcut to unlocking many parts of our brain, and a single ceremony is said to be equivalent to many years of proper meditation.
Professor Jordan Peterson gives an outsiders input on research he has studied that show benefits of ayahuasca and other psychedelics. 
The artist Sting discusses his Ayahuasca experience in the video below.